Friday, June 15, 2007


Do you hate corporations?

Imagine a company that produced a product or service that was of a lower quality than previous alternatives, a product or service that you had to wait endlessly to receive and were literally forced to buy. Imagine the staff of said company to be often rude, unhelpful, and unmotivated to care at all about satisfying you questions or concerns. Take a step further and imagine that if you chose to buy another company's better product and faster service that you'd be fined or imprisoned (!). Now imagine that the “company” in question is the government and produces this nightmare with the convenience, skill, and charm of everything else they do.

Imagine Democrat imposed health care -- imagine socialized medicine. Imagine your life in the hands of people motivated, not by profit, but by ...nothing (but bogus statements of “compassion” from an elite, wealthy clique' of power brokers in Washington and their facillitators in New York and Hollywood).

Compulsory state-imposed “care.” What could be more stupid.

If someone hates corporations, why would they be so fervent to have corporate-syle authority focused and enhanced into the hands of completely unmotivated, mindless and inefficient drones working for the biggest and most coercive corporation there is?

...I have no idea.

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